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Meet The New HSD

Mighty But Mini

The HSD is the right amount of bike if you want the benefits of a cargo bike but still fancy the convenience and handling of something less bulky. Lean and nimble, the HSD is shorter than a regular bike yet capable of hauling a max gross vehicle weight (MGVW) of 180 kg (397 lb). And thanks to best-in-class components, rigorous lab testing, and UL 2849 certification, you can count on having a safe, reliable bike.

Haul With Confidence

The compact HSD electric cargo bike stuns with its heavy-hauling abilities. Load up on groceries, carry a furry friend, or make extended errand runs without worrying about overloading. A long wheelbase and extra-low center of gravity ensure easy handling and stability, even under load. The HSD is more than enough bike for reliable urban hauling.

Rated to 80 kg, the sturdy Atlas H Rack is long and spacious enough to easily accommodate an adult passenger. And there’s a wide range of accessory choices to ensure a safe and comfortable ride.

Designed For Sharing

The HSD fits riders 150 – 195 cm tall (4’11” – 6’5”), and the cockpit adjusts in seconds to suit your riding position. It also makes it simple and easy to share the bike with family members. Smaller riders will also appreciate the low Easy-Step frame design for effortless (dis)mounting.

The size and weight of big cargo bikes can be intimidating. But the compact HSD was designed to be much more inviting. It’s easy to ride, just like a bike should be. Even when fully loaded, a long wheelbase, low center of gravity, and stiff frame provide enhanced stability and handling. And the low Easy-Step frame design makes it easy to mount and control the HSD at a standstill.

Performance Line Motor

Enjoy the power boost of the new Bosch Performance Line motor. Conquer any terrain with 75 Nm of torque and 340% support. A natural-feeling e-assist features multiple sensors that intuitively adjust to your riding style. Enjoy peaceful, noise-free riding with the virtually silent transmission design.

Bigger Battery, Easier Charging

The HSD comes with a high-capacity 545 Wh battery. Ride longer and enjoy sustained assistance on challenging terrain. Then plug into the conveniently placed EasyAccess port to enjoy immediate onboard charging, hassle-free. No scrambling or bending to find and access the port.

Frame Lock

Never worry about not having a lock. The HSD frame lock provides added security to deter thieves when you need to make a quick stop at the local cafe. Best of all, it’s keyed-alike to the battery for extra convenience. Potential to connect to other accessories such as chain adaptors for even more effective protection from theft.

Smart Security

The HSD's smart electronic lock activates automatically when you park, disabling the e-bike system and helping prevent theft. Your smartphone serves as the no-fuss digital key for unlocking the bike. S-Class models also include a high- decibel alarm with flashing LEDs to deter tampering, along with text notifications and GPS tracking in case the bike moves significantly.

Stronger, Stiffer Frame

The HSD frame is now 15% stronger at the head tube and 39% at the bottom bracket. The enhanced stiffness means more stability under load, with less wobble or sway. A stiffer frame also means better handling, making it easier to maneuver in tight spaces, while helping to absorb vibrations and bumps on the road.

Heavy-Duty Rack Design

With a capacity rated to 80 kg (176 lb), the versatile HSD Atlas H Rack makes it easier to ride more and drive less. The rack easily fits a child seat, and is strong and spacious enough to accommodate an adult-passenger or larger cargo. Take on bigger tasks, carry larger passengers, and set off on more adventures.

Cargo-Carrying Versatility

Carry up to 20 kg (44 lb) of extra cargo by installing one of the many compatible cargo-carrying accessories onto the burly, frame-mounted Combo Mount. Switch between bags, baskets, and racks. Carry more cargo up front when there is a passenger behind. All cargo weight is carried by the frame, without interfering with steering.

Hauls All That, And Even More

The best kind of cargo bike is the one set up with the right gear to fit your needs. No matter if you're looking to safely carry a child in all types of weather, comfortably carry an adult or pet, or haul all different types of cargo, the HSD has an extensive ecosystem of accessory options that can best suit your needs today, and as they change in the future. Check out some of the accessories below.