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Peter Mooney

A History of Tradition, Performance, and Impeccable Style

From Across the Pond

Peter Mooney was born in London, England in 1955, moving to the greater Boston area in 1964. He secured his first bike shop job in 1968, working in Central Square, Cambridge selling cheap Italian 10-speeds and English 3-speeds. He's been in bike shops ever since.

Finding His Passion

In the mid-1970's Peter learned the art of frame building working for a frame builder in London. This "one man show" operated a small but full-service bicycle shop. Be it a tricycle for your 3-year-old or a custom pursuit frame for the world championships, this tiny store front offered it all. This European model of an "in-house" frame builder at a high quality bike shop inspired Peter (and like-minded partners) to open the first Wheelworks store in 1977 and the rest is history.


After more than 45 years of building frames Peter Mooney is no longer building frames but his legacy lives on in the spirit of Wheelworks. While Peter may no longer be building frames, his bikes are still being ridden by many happy customers to this day.

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