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S-WORKS TORCH Engineered to Disappear

On your feet and off the front.

Perfectly Fit

Impossibly Lightweight

Incredibly Powerful

A Winning Legacy

S-Works shoes are the winningest cycling footwear in history, racking up thousands of pro races (including five of the last seven Men’s UCI World Championships). The S-Works Torch is the latest evolution of this legacy. Using the Body Geometry method and data science, Specialized crafted a shoe so thoughtfully that you’ll forget you’re wearing it.

Body Geometry Logo

There’s a Madness to Our Method

The development of the S-Works Torch started over two decades ago with the question, “How can we improve the body-to-bike connection?” In 1997 Specialized developed Body Geometry to identify a problem, solve it through design, and validate it with science. The result? Extra power, hold the pain.

Varus Edge

With a 1.5mm built-in Varus Wedge, Body Geometry shoes stabilize the natural movement of your foot and improve foot, knee, and hip alignment, which increases power output and adds an average of 10 seconds to your time to exhaustion during maximum efforts.

Longitudinal Arch Support

Body Geometry shoes are designed with patented, molded arch support in the outsole to create a riding structure to prevent foot collapse, increasing power and efficiency.

Metatarsal Button

By lifting and separating the bones of the forefoot, our Metatarsal Button prevents impinging and compressing nerves and arteries so you can have a snug fit for efficiency, but say goodbye to numbness and “hot foot”.

1 Varus Wedge

2 Longitudinal Arch

3 Metatarsal Button

4 Zonal reinforcement

5 Asymmetrical heel cup

6 Rerouted S3 BOA® System placement

7 New carbon base plate

8 Internal I-Bean reinforcement


Evolution of a Base Plate

Guided by more than 100,000 foot scans from Specialized's RETÜL fit data, they recognized that both a standard and a wide plate would best serve the spectrum of human foot shapes. So that’s what they did, reengineering two new carbon base plates that are 4mm and 8mm wider than the S-Works 7, respectively. 

The plates’ new “pie crust” edging shape reduces flex and eliminates bulky material buildup around the perimeter of the plate for a streamlined construction. An internal I-Beam adds stiffness and strength, eliminating the need for additional bracing. The result is a 20-gram weight reduction, enhanced efficiency, and immediate power transfer.

Asymmetric Heel Cup

Following RETÜL biomechanical data, Specialized created an asymmetric heel cup that supports natural knee alignment and delivers the positive hold riders love while enhancing comfort by accommodating more room for the Achilles heel.


How does the S-Works Torch fit into the line of S-Works shoes?
The S-Works Torch replaces the S-Works 7. The Torch carries forward a traditional fit with a classic, elegant design. It is crafted with supple materials and is built for an enhanced foot to pedal feel. In comparison, the S-Works Ares provides a more locked-down fit for explosive power.

Does the S-Works Torch have the same stiffness as the S-Works 7?
Yes, the carbon baseplate is optimized for stiffness while being 20 grams lighter than the S-Works 7.

Is the S-Works Torch made with the same material as the S-Works 7?
Specialized replaced Dyneema® with an in-house material packet that uses a sandwich of different materials in specific zones. These new materials are more supple and adaptable, providing riders the needed support with added comfort.

How does the fit of the S-Works Torch differ from the S-Works 7?
The baseplate of the S-Works Torch is subtly wider than the S-Works 7. The S-Works Torch features a more asymmetrical design where the upper is a bit lower over your smaller toes, which helps create a close-to-foot feeling. The length is identical, but the ball width is slightly longer. Riders who have wider feet may want to try a half size down if they’ve previously been sizing up to add width. The S-Works Torch is available in a standard and wide fit.

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