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Make the Most of Every Mile

Whether it’s your very first bike or a new addition to the stable, outfitting your bike with all the right parts, tools, and accessories will make it easy to just jump on and go. Explore our recommendations for indispensable gear for your first ride or your thousandth ride, and visit us anytime for expert advice from our knowledgeable team of cycling enthusiasts.

Essential Bike Accessories

Once you've picked out your new bike, a few simple accessories can make it just right. Every rider can benefit from a bottle cage, which mounts directly to the bicycle frame to hold a water bottle securely over rough surfaces. Many kids' bikes and urban utility bikes can have a kickstand easily mounted, which helps keeps your bike upright when you're reached your destination. And doesn't everyone love a bell?

Lights & Locks

Good bicycle locks and lights are need-to-haves for urban commuting, providing safety and security for yourself and your bike at your destination and every way along the route. Locks come as robust U-shaped shackles or more flexible but flimsier cables, actuated by keys or combinations. Lights come in white for front-facing and red for rear-facing, powered with either disposable or rechargeable batteries. We can help you make a choice!

Flat Repair Accessories

If you're planning on embarking on adventures with your bicycle, it's always best to be prepared with a flat repair kit - but you might need it for a short commute too! A simple repair kit includes tire levers, a spare tube, a patch kit, and a pump or CO2 cartridges, all packed into a fist-size roll you can attach under your seat or carry in a bag.We can help you assemble your own flat repair kit, or show you ready-made options. We always recommend having a full-size floor pump at home, and a simple multitool for any adjustments you might need to make on the bike

Electronics & Phone Holders

Data data data! Whether you want to keep an eye on a map, make use of turn-by-turn instructions to follow an established route, or you want to drill down to data about your ride's maximum altitude or whether your left leg produces as much power as your right leg - we've got the solutions for you.  We've carry phone mounts that can keep your pocket-size computer within each reach on your handlebars so you can see directions or if someone is calling you. Dedicated bike computers can provide info as basic as current info like speed or distance about your ride, or they can interface with power meters and heart rate monitors to give you an incredibly nuanced data display of every ride.

Fenders, Racks & Bags

Once you've been rolling for awhile, you may discover that the perfect ride requires a few more accessories. Once you've had the misfortune of getting caught in the rain, you may want fenders to keep you and your bike from getting less wet. Do you have more stuff to carry than you want to carry on your back? Try a rack! What do you put on that rack? Any number of bags, panniers, and other baggage will help you carry all your necessities wherever you are headed!