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Everything You Need To Know About Bike Trainers

Ride for Fitness & Fun

Indoor trainers are a great way to stay in shape all year long. Whether you want to stay inside to avoid unpleasant weather or you want to ride virtually with friends on world famous routes, we have a trainer to meet your needs. We’re here to help you learn more and choose the best option for your cycling needs.


Transform your favorite bike into a stationary bike with a basic trainer. Simply attach to the rear wheel, hop on, and go.

Wheel-On Smart Trainers

Wheel-on smart trainers offer flexibility and convenience plus they connect seamlessly with your favorite app.

Direct Drive Smart Trainers

Also known as a wheel-off trainers, these give you the most control over your riding experience & the most accurate data while using your own bike.


Smart Bikes permit multiple users, give you the most control over your riding experience, and the most accurate data.



  • Lower cost
  • Easy setup


  • Louder and less smooth than direct drive trainers
  • Fewer available features
  • Resistance controlled manually and not via an app



  • Swap between multiple bikes easily
  • Great for older bikes that are not compatible with direct drive trainers
  • Control your resistance using mobile apps
  • Most cost effective way to get into smart trainer category


  • Less accurate power reading; must be calibrated each time you use it, including consistent tire pressure.
  • Louder than a direct drive trainer.



  • Most accurate power reading
  • Widest resistance range
  • Eliminate wear on back wheel and tire
  • Quietest option for use with your own bike
  • Measure your fitness and performance more consistently than any other type of trainer
  • Ideal for someone who is training for a goal or wants the best


  • Have to remove rear wheel
  • Highest price point trainer when using your own bike



  • Multiple people can use it with the ability to easily adjust positioning
  • Completely eliminate trainer wear and tear on your bike
  • Highly customizable controls with the ability to simulate shifting from Shimano, SRAM and Campy
  • Highest level of simulation with real-world riding, simulated downhill riding
  • Quietest option


  • Most expensive
  • Heaviest option means they are not easy to transport

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Frequently Asked Questions About Trainers

Why should I invest in an indoor bike trainer?

Trainers are a great solution for casual cyclists looking for general fitness to the most intense bike racer looking to set a new personal record or complete a challenging event.

What are the benefits of smart trainers?

Smart trainers have opened up a whole new world for home fitness. With a smart trainer and your favorite training app, you can select your location, join group rides, track your stats, and much more. They make it easy to connect with fellow cyclists and stay motivated!

Which trainers connect to a training app?

All smart trainers connect to training apps. Direct drive smart trainers provide the most functionality when using these app.

How can I reduce the noise of my trainer?

The best way to reduce the noise of any trainer is to use a trainer mat. Magnetic trainers are the loudest, fluid and wheel-on trainers are quieter, and wheel-off trainers are the quietest.

Can I use a smart trainer with my TV?

Yes, most TV's come with the ability to be used with a smart trainer or can be adapted to be used with a smart trainer. Additionally, any smartphone, tablet and laptop can also be used with a smart trainer.

Can I test out a trainer before buying it?

Yes, select models are set up in our Belmont store for customers to try out before buying. Contact us with any questions if you are interested in trying out a specific trainer.


Thanks to our financing offer, a fantastic new indoor trainer is within your reach. We offer a 12-month "same as cash" financing plan, allowing you to ride now and pay later, without affecting your credit score.