Bicycle Fitting

We believe in bikes that fit. More specifically, we believe in a scientific approach to bike fitting that is tailored to each rider, helping them to be more comfortable, efficient, and powerful on any bike. We’ve partnered with companies like Retül and gebioMized to give our clients access to the most accurate and precise measurement tools available. However, we don't expect these tools alone to do the job. Instead, we rely on the experience of our fitters to help our clients find a new bike or improve their position on their current bike.

With over fifty years of combined experience and certifications in nearly every fit protocol available (including Retül, Specialized BG, SICI, and FIST) our team includes a collegiate cycling coach, two IronMan triathletes, former professional road racers, touring and tandem specialists, XC racers, and passionate gravity and trail riders. Whatever the kind of bike, we have an expert fit specialist to accommodate the rider.

Observe, Measure, Adjust, Repeat. From racers to commuters and everything in between, Wheelworks Fit is New England’s premier fit studio.

Essential Fit

The Essential Fit is a one-hour fitting designed to get new riders set up on their bikes and help casual cyclists and commuters ride without pain. This full fit involves cleat placement on shoes, saddle fore/aft positioning, saddle height, handlebar reach and drop, handlebar and lever placement, along with general pedaling instruction.

Focused Biomechanical Analysis

  • Skeletal assessment for total height and body proportion documentation
  • Fitting
  • Static Fitting Session aboard client bike
  • Cleat installation and adjustment


$100 with purchase of new bike

Comprehensive Fit

With a longer interview of 1.5 to two hours and more physical assessment than the Essential Fit, this is a better option for riders with physical limitations or injuries, or riders with some experience who want to achieve more comfort and efficiency in their riding.

Comprehensive Fitting is the baseline service for tandem and full suspension mountain bikes.

Rider Interview

Focused Biomechanical Analysis

  • Skeletal assessment for total height and body proportion documentation
  • Basic assessment of foot/shoe/pedal interface with an emphasis on subtalar angulation, foot width and volume, as well as arch height, collapse, and length
  • Cleat installation and adjustment
  • Basic pedal stroke coaching
  • Suspension Set-Up (for Full Suspension Mountain Bikes)
  • Individualized Captain and Stoker coaching (for tandems)


$150 with purchase of new bike

Precision Fit

This three-hour fit is for any rider that is looking to get as much information as possible about themselves as a cyclist or someone who is interested in selecting the perfect bike. The Precision Fit uses advanced fitting tools (Retul 3D motion capture and gebioMized pressure mapping) to help riders of any ability and experience get data-driven adjustment for more comfort, efficiency, and power on their bike. 

Rider Interview

Advanced Range of Motion and Cycling Specific Strength Assessment

  • Skeletal Assessment for limb proportion documentation and analysis of any existing asymmetries
  • Functional Range of Motion (ROM) and Cycling Specific Functional Strength (CFS) assessments and documentation for comparison to any limitations to analogs on the bike movement patterns
  • Extensive structural assessment of foot / shoe / pedal interface with specific attention paid to foot morphology including: heel to toe length, heel to ball of foot length, arch collapse, subtalar rotation, width and volume for both weighted and un-weighted, and suggestion for off the shelf or custom cycling insoles
  • Provide recommendation for off the bike exercises and stretches and/or referral to outside professionals for cycling specific treatment (when necessary)

Dynamic Bike Fitting Aboard Retül Muve Dynamic Fit Bike (DFU)

  • Emphasis on using the client's pre-determined ROM and and CFS limitations as the guidelines for finding the most comfortable and efficient position possible
  • Precise, accurate, and dynamic measurement using Retül 3D Motion Capture and 2D video capture pre-fit, during fit, and post fit.
  • Spin scan analysis pre and post fit with pedal stroke coaching and a thorough discussion of pedal stroke dynamics and muscle recruitment patterns
  • Consultation for new bike purchase using rider's fit coordinates and Retül Frame Finder Data Base*
  • Retül Zinn Scan with rider bike measurements stored by Wheelworks and available upon request
  • Recommendations and completion of adjustments to client's existing bike
  • Multi-page fit summary
  • One hour follow up session and on-going fitter support/consultation (as needed)


$200 with purchase of new bike

Other Services

Cleat Fitting


  • Addresses cleat placement on shoes, saddle fore/aft positioning, saddle height, along with general pedaling instruction.