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Orbea Orca

Praise the Light

Orca isn’t just light. It is 6.7kg of climbing technology designed to change how you reach the top. The feeling of a bike this light and efficient is unbeatable, and this instant acceleration, vibration absorption and responsive handling come from a frame which knows where it needs to be light and where it needs to be stiff. Welcome the ultimate climbing machine!

Dominate the Climbs

When the gradient of the climb means that your speed drops below around 15kmph, gravity starts to affect your ride more than air resistance. The gradient at which this occurs depends on each rider. Here a lightweight bike offers clear advantages. Achieving Orca´s light weight required many marginal gains, focusing on the details and using the best materials across the range. Considering the bike as a package means working with component and wheel designers right from the start to optimize stiffness and weight.

Rigid in All the Right Places

There is indeed just something special about the feel of a lightweight bike. We love the instant acceleration when you stamp on the pedals and the responsive, agile handling as you carve through the turns. But having the lightest bike is worth nothing if it isn’t stiff and efficient. When Orbea designed the Orca, they started with a target rigidity to ensure that even the strongest climbers could be sure of efficient power transmission. Then they designed Orca to be as light as possible without compromising that number.


The lower spine of the frame handles the large majority of torsional and lateral loads.The headtube, downtube and chainstays resist twisting and transmit power to the rear wheel.

ICR Plus

Internal Cable Routing is carefully guided along the best path under the stem and through the head tube, with no rub or rattle, and is optimized for both traditional and electronic shifting systems.

32mm Tire Clearance

With clearance for 32mm tires, Orca acknowledges that speed can also be comfortable. Modern road riders have discovered the advantages of bigger tires on rougher surfaces.