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Adventure Unlimited

Introducing the new Gazelle Eclipse,an ebike that seamlessly combines design, power, and precision for an extraordinary ride.The Eclipse boasts a striking, award-winning design that accommodates a large battery and has an active riding posture.


The Eclipse comes with the most powerful Bosch Performance Line Speed mid-motor and largest battery with a capacity of 750 Wh. With this you can reach any destination. You control the ebike system with the compact yet comprehensive Kiox display, which also allows you to navigate.

 With assistance up to 28 mph, you can overcome any challenge you may encounter. The torque of 85 Nm means you'll never come to a standstill on steep hills or mountains and you'll be able to embark on any adventure with confidence.


The Eclipse has Gazelle's recognizable, robust, and unique v-shape stem integrated with the handlebar. Together with the suspension fork, this innovative stem ensures perfect handling. The extra-wide tires and disc brakes give you maximum stability and precision through every corner.

Long-Lasting Battery

Bosch's lithium-ion batteries are among the most advanced on the market. The integrated 750 Wh battery ensures that you never come to a standstill. The battery is locked into the frame and can be easily removed using the bike key. This is convenient, as you can charge the battery either on or off the bike. As an added bonus, this better protects the battery against being stolen from the bike. It's a win-win situation!

Perfect Handling

One thing is for sure: You can head out on the Eclipse C380+ HMB with confidence. The bike features exceptional weight distribution, thanks in part to the low-mounted battery in the frame. This means that the center of gravity is lower and you have a lot of control. Wider tires enhance your grip and maneuverability and provide comfort including on uneven paths. The front-fork suspension and the tires absorb a lot of vibration, so you can tackle unpaved stretches with ease.

Low Maintenance

If doing maintenance isn't the first thing on your mind after a nice, relaxed ride, then the Eclipse C380+ HMB is the right model for you. It has a belt drive instead of a chain which, unlike a chain, doesn't need to be lubricated. Use a cloth to wipe off coarse dirt from time to time. An additional advantage: the belt drive is as quiet as a whisper, so you don't hear any squeaks and creaks. It lasts up to five times longer than a chain and it can't rust.