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Basic At-Home Bike Maintenance 

It’s easy to get home from a ride, put your bike in the garage and forget about it until next time. However, the key to keeping your bike rolling smoothly between tune-ups is regular at-home maintenance. We’ve put together a short list of routine maintenance that we recommend for every bike owner. 



Check the tire pressure before every ride or once a week, whichever is less frequent. Road bikes with skinny tires should be checked before every ride.  



Don’t forget the most important part of lubricating your chain - wipe off the excess lubricant so lubricant is only left inside of the chain. Excess lube will attract dirt and accelerate wear on the chain.



Your bike lasts longer and runs more smoothly when clean. We recommend cleaning your bike monthly, more often if you ride off-road or commute through the winter. Between complete washes, you can simply use a dry brush or rag to wipe dirt off the frame. For a more intense clean, use degreasers for drivetrain and keep rags and brushes meant for different areas of the bike separate. On the frame, use frame cleaning products, work from top to bottom, dry when done, and most importantly - re-lubricate the chain when done! 

If you are having an issue, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

Yearly tune-ups are recommended but if you are riding your bike daily you might need two tune-ups a year. Annually or bi-annually tune ups are recommended. It’s all about how much you ride. Repair estimates are always free.

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