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Folding, Electric, and Folding Electric, Built to Last 

Tern Bikes makes the ultimate high-efficiency vehicle. Tern offers everything you need to drive less and ride more. 

Folded Lightning

Tern Bicycle originated as an urban folding bike company, hence their folded-paper origami logo. Folding bikes take up less space in storage, so they can be a great option for stashing your bike inside at your workplace, or storing it in other compact or awkward spaces (like apartments or boats). Tern’s folders are stiff and robust, so they ride like a normal bike, just like they should. 

Even More Power

Tern branched into electric-assist bikes in 2015, both electric folding bikes and compact pedal-assist cargo bikes that are robust enough to carry a heavy load but have a tight enough wheel-base to ride like a normal bike. These are cargo bikes that are maneuverable on city streets even while weighed down. 

Replacing Your Car 

Tern seeks to help move towards a more environmentally-friendly society though more considered transportation choices. Tern’s folding e-cargo bikes can carry more than 400 pounds, which adds up to two kids or an adult passenger, plus a whole lot of cargo. Studies show that the majority of car usage takes place within a three mile radius of the home - why not get it all done on the bike? 

Make it yours

Whatever Tern option you choose, your ride can be tricked out with all kinds of brand-specific accessories, including front and rear racks, passenger seating, bags and more. Everything is designed to be perfectly compatible.  

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