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Surviving the Winter

Thrive With the Right Gear

Set yourself up for success this winter - all you need is the right equipment and a plan. We have a great selection of indoor trainers as well as plenty of cold weather gear and accessories. Remember - professional advice is always free so let us know how we can assist you in meeting your winter goals.

Winter Biking Maintenance

Riding your bike in the winter can create a lot of wear and tear with all the salt and grime from the road collecting on your frame and drivetrain.  Here are a few tips to keep you rolling and ensure you are ready to ride when spring comes.

Cleaning Tips

  • Keep it clean- The most important thing you can do for your bike in the winter is clean the salt from your frame and drivetrain. Salt can corrode the metal on your bike and will rust your chain.
  • Clean and lube your chain after riding. If you have a belt drive make sure to clean the belt as well.
  • You can switch to a heavier lube in the winter to keep rolling smoothly, some options are Pedro's Enduro Wet Lube and Finish Line Wet Lube.
  • A weekly clean with Pedro's Green Fizz Bike Wash or even just hot water will help to dissolve the salt that has built up. After cleaning apply Triflow Lubricant or another thin lubricant to pivot points to keep things moving freely.

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Keep Your Bike Rolling Smoothly

Protect Your Bike

One of the best ways to protect your bike from the elements is fenders. They come in as many shapes and sizes as tires.

  • Full Coverage - Full fenders offer better protection from rain or snow, but are more expensive and are more permanent.
  • Clip-On - This style of fender easily comes on and off depending on your needs but doesn't offer as much protection.
  • Mudguards- Great for mountain bikes which normally cannot take a fender. Mud guards come in a variety of colors and patterns and are a great way to add style to your ride.

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Fat Bikes

Shred through the snow this winter! These bikes have wider tires that you can run at a lower pressure for better traction and stability. You don't need to put your fat bike away once spring hits! Many people ride them all year on the trails or at the beach because they are great on sand, mud and loose gravel too.

Fat bikes come in a variety of frame materials from aluminum or steel to carbon and some have a front shock. Come and check out what setup is right for you!

Winter Shoes

Keep your feet warm and dry to extend your ride. Traditional cycling shoes are designed to be breathable, not great for cold weather! Winter shoes are designed to keep the cold air and moisture out of your shoes and retain warmth. We have a selection of winter riding shoes in stock, some to extend your riding season into fall and early winter and some for deep winter. Pair them with the wool socks of your choosing and you will be ready for whatever the weather brings.

Winter Cycling Apparel

The longer you stay warm, the longer you'll want to keep riding. Make sure you are protecting your hands and head to lock in warmth. If your hands tend to run cold or you are frequently out in very cold temperatures check out pogies. Pogies go on your handlebars to shield your hands from the wind and chill. For your core, layer a baselayer, a thermal layer and a wind and water resistant outer layer. If you are planning to go for a long ride bring an extra set of gloves and socks just in case.

Indoor Trainers

If all else fails ride inside with a home trainer. We carry basic trainers and smart trainers which will allow you to connect with apps and virtually ride with other people. There are so many permutations that we have a whole page just about trainers, for more information check out the link below.

More Questions About Winter Riding?

Feel free to stop by any of our locations to chat about the perfect winter chain lube or try on gloves!