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Gear Up for Bikepacking

Trip Planning Made Easy

Whether you’re excited for your first local overnight or you’re planning an epic expedition, we have the cycling equipment that you need for a successful adventure by bike. Shop touring bikes and bikepacking gear, and get in touch for more preparation tips and tricks. Our friendly team of cycling enthusiasts is here to help you select the right capacity bag, ensure your gear is compatible, and share favorite routes.

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Bike Packing Bags

If you have a bike that doesn't allow a rear rack you can get creative with a handlebar pack, seat pack and frame pack. Bike packing bags are easy to take on and off a bike, usually using velcro. Experiment with what volume of bags works for your traveling style and your bike.

Make sure to check the weight capacity for your bike and do not exceed that with your cargo weight plus body weight.

Handlebar Packs

These bags are great for a tent, clothing or a sleeping bag. Some may have an exterior pocket for stowing items you want to get reach easily or a harness/straps to carry more items.

Seat Packs

You want to pack this bag with lightweight stuffable items like clothes, sleeping bag, raingear etc. If you have any heavy items pack them closest to the seatpost to decrease the any swaying of the bag.

Frame Packs

All your heavy items should go in this bag to keep your bikes center of gravity low. Some ideas on what to pack in this bag are tools, spare parts, camping stove, food, tent and anything else you won't need to access while riding.

Accessory Bags

Top tube bags and other accessory bags that can be used to store food or other small items you may want while riding.

Bike Racks & Panniers

If your bike can take a rear rack you can outfit it with a rack and panniers.


Don't get caught in the rain on a trip! Shop our selection of waterproof jackets and pants. When space is a premium try to find a lightweight packable option.