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Cargo Bikes

Tern Cargo Accessory Guide

The possibilities are almost endless on what you can carry with a Tern cargo bike! Read on to find the best way to configure your bike for carrying, kids, groceries, pets and more.


Cargo bikes are a great way to carry kids both big and small, but you can also carry another adult with the right accessories. Two things to keep in mind when carrying passengers on your Tern cargo bike:  

  • Stay within the weight limits (especially important when carrying a grownup!) of your rear rack and the bike max gross vehicle weight. 
  •  Make sure to always include not just seating but also handhold, foot and leg protection and also foot support for your passenger(s).
  • If carrying children we highly recommend a sturdy kickstand and lockstand extensions for your kickstand for extra stability while loading and unloading.

The Storm Box options will protect from the waist down of your passengers and the Storm Shields will create a weather protected tent up top.

Each Tern bike platform will have different weight limits, please refer to Tern's product information for your bike.

Here are a few passenger carrying ideas using the GSD platform

1 Little Kid and 1 Big Kid

This set up uses a rear child seat, a clubhouse with a seat pad and Sidekick Wide Decks to accommodate 2 kids.

1-2 Older Kids or 1 Adult

This set up uses the Captain's Chair, Sidekick Bars (Sidekick Joyride Bars should be used with an kid and Sidekick Flat Bars should be used with an adult) and Sidekick Wide Decks.


Tern has a growing ecosystem of racks, panniers, bags and baskets to carry whatever you need with confidence. A few things to remember when hauling are: 

  • Stay within the weight limits on your front and rear racks and the bike max gross vehicle weight. 
  • Riding a bike loaded up with heavy cargo can feel different from just riding a bicycle. You will need to brake sooner and more gently than you may be used to, it's a good idea to practice in a less-trafficked area.
  •  Rear racks can carry more weight than the front, load your heaviest items on the rear rack. 
  • Load your panniers and baskets with the heaviest items on the bottom to keep a low center of gravity for easy handling.

Here are a few cargo carrying ideas on the HSD platform

Clubhouse Mini and Soft Crate Mini

When you are not carrying a kid in the Clubhouse Mini you can use the removable Soft Crate Mini to carry groceries! The Soft Crate also doubles as a dog carrier when you add the Dog Roof Mini.

Cargo Panniers

Rolltop and waterproof-lined panniers with weather-resistant exteriors for your daily haul. Opens with a Fidlock® magnetic buckle for zero-fuss access. Smaller models easily fit behind a child seat.

Storm Box Mini and Clubhouse Mini

This setup of Clubhouse Mini and a Storm Box Mini will carry a kid who has transitioned out of a child seat. Without the kid it can be used to store and carry loads in weatherproof bucket with a lockable lid. Perfect for school drop-off and then a trip to the grocery store!