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Kemen SUV: Ready For Life


The best tools are ones you use daily – the perfect bike is one that fits seamlessly with your many needs. Tireless, capacious and effortless, Kemen goes beyond simple utility by turning ebike rides into delightful mini-adventures. Whizz through the morning traffic, breath fresh air on your way to work, let Kemen take the strain so you don´t break a sweat. After work take the long way home, escape the bike lane and have an urban adventure.

Rack it Up

Kemen SUV´s sturdy carrier rack can take a child seat, and is ready for heavy loads up to 59 lbs.

The Kemen SUV is fully compatible with the rear axles used by tow along baby trailers.

Let Kemen Take the Strain

The EP8 motor has plentiful power for the steepest roads and the heaviest loads, more than enough to get you up to speed quickly and whisk you to work without breaking a sweat. The cutting edge battery means that even with a fully loaded bike you can expect over 5 hours of riding.


Kemen´s wider tires add stability and control no matter the terrain. More aggressive treads prioritise performance off road while slicker tires work best on hard surfaces. The Kemen SUV comes with sleek, sturdy fenders which ensure you arrive to your destination clean and dry.