Wheelworks Junior Mechanics Clinic

Wheelworks Junior Mechanics Clinic
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This introduction to bicycle mechanics is geared for 12-16 year old young adults. All participants must bring their own bicycle to work on in the class.

• Each class is limited to four participants
• Class is a two day course - December 27th & 28th - 1pm-2:30pm (A second class may be added if the first one becomes sold out)
• Classes held at Wheelworks Too - 22 Church St., Belmont
*Additional classes may be scheduled with sufficient interest
• Students should wear clothes they can get dirty in
• Aprons supplied
• Gloves and tire levers given to each student!

Class Objectives
• Learn to clean & maintain your own bicycle.
• Identify parts you need to inspect and replace when worn out.
• Clean & maintain your gears & brakes using the correct tools, cleaners, and lubes.
• Gather a list of basic tools for your toolkit.

Day One - 90 Minutes

How to wash the bicycle
• The types of soaps, degreasers, and cleaning tools you will need.
• Washing the bicycle frame, wheels, and drive-train, keeping your bicycle in tip top shape.

Maintaining your drivetrain
• Using the chain gauge to identify chain wear.
• How to clean the chain, cogs, and chain rings.
• Tools you will need to get the job done.
• How to oil your chain and types of oil to use best suited to your ride.
• Learn how to do simple derailleur adjustments.

Day Two - 90 Minutes

Maintaining your brakes
• Inspecting the pads and rim surfaces or rotors for wear.
• How to clean the pads, rims, or rotors and the cleaners you will need to make sure your brakes work correctly.
• How to do quick adjustments to increase stopping power.

Fixing a flat so you won’t get stranded on the trail
• Removing the front and rear wheels and how to get them back in the bicycle so the gears and brakes work correctly.
• Removing the tire, finding the hole in the tire and tube, and replacing the tube/reinstalling the tire.
• Tools you will need to get the job done.
• Find where the tire size, inflation pressure, type of tube, and any directional arrows located on your tires & how to inflate your
• Things to look for when tires are beginning to wear out.

12-16 years old

Participants must bring their OWN BICYCLE



All participants will receive a 20% discount on any tools, cleaners, and lubes they choose to purchase.

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