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Tern DuoStand Gen 2 for HSD

Tern DuoStand Gen 2 for HSD
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The DuoStand is a sturdy, height-adjustable dual-leg kickstand for the HSD. Its wide stance provides extra stability when loading and unloading the bike or parking on an uneven surface. The DuoStand makes carrying heavy cargo or a kid much easier with its strength and ease of use.

The DuoStand has been tested by EFBE Prüftechnik using a custom testing protocol. It passed EFBE's tests up to the claimed load limit of 60 kg (including bike weight).
Keeps bike steady while you load and unload.

Includes a pair of replaceable DuoStand Ends to add extra stability and prevent scratches when parking indoors
Adjustable legs let you switch out your tires but keep your stand (for example, when installing winter tires)
Made from durable steel with corrosion-resistant coating
Stainless steel mounting hardware
Compatible with the HSD*, Quick Haul, and Short Haul.