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Backcountry Research Fonbag
Wanna ride but can't leave your e-world behind? Gotta have your iTunes, Strava, Instagram, and Twitter within reach at all times? The Fonbag protects your smartphone from grit, mud, and sweat while handily stowed in your jersey pocket, and its Slip-not grippy backing ensures that it stays there until you need it. You can talk and hear through the transparent window as well as operate the touch screen functions with ease. The mega-sized zipper pull allows for easy access when it's time to snap a photo, and there's even a Cordura inner stash pocket for your I.D., emergency cash, and a pack of Big Red. PLEASE CHECK YOUR PHONE SPECS WITH MANUFACTURER BEFORE ORDERING Dimensions: Width 4.80" X Height 6" (Fits all iPhones except 6 Plus) Features: Beefy touch sensitive 20 Mil Polyurethane window Full length side load design allows for quick and easy futz-free loading and unloading Full length Cordura stash pocket Textured waterproof Slip-not fabric gives your fingers traction Mega Zipper Pull for easy access High-grade waterproof zipper Water resistant, dust proof and muck proof Route your headphone cord out through the zipper Built in Bozeman USA
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