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Doug MacKenzie of Belmont Wheelworks says:

Capable of supporting four to five times their own weight, touring bicycles are the station wagons of the bicycle world. A touring bike equipped with racks front and rear can carry all the gear one needs for unsupported riding on any road in the world. Additionally, these bikes are designed to handle in a predictable and stable manner no matter how well-loaded. I have spent countless hours and many thousands of miles perched on the seats of bicycles that I couldnÕt lift.

The overwhelming sense of freedom that I always experienced on every tour that I took brought me back for more vacation after vacation. Not having to think about the job, the bills, and the day-to-day of everyday life for a couple of weeks while enjoying the adventure of the next road taken is a truly exhilarating activity.

A touring bicycle is so versatile that I have done my grocery shopping on my touring bike and once ridden that same bike in a race when my racing machine broke down. One of the best uses for a touring machine is commuting to work. Equipped with fat tires, fenders, a pannier for your office clothes, and a briefcase for your laptop and files, a touring bicycle is the perfect vehicle for transporting yourself to and from work. A brisk bicycle ride to work is always a great way to start the day.