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Explore Our Vast Selection of Clothing

With one of the largest selections of apparel in New England, you are sure to find just want you need for your next ride. Most of our apparel is available to ship anywhere in the Continental US. Orders over $149 ship free (Exclusions Apply)


Be comfortable and stylish on every ride. Bike jerseys are designed to fit you in the position your body holds while pedaling, with pockets easily accessible yet out of the way and with fabric that will move with you without constricting, while keeping you dry and protected from the elements. Plus, you can pick colors and patterns to show your personality! 


What's up with the pad in bike shorts? It's called a chamois, and used to be made from the skin of the alpine goat with the same name. What's the point? Padding for sure, but also to preventing chafing of the skin in tender areas. Road cycling shorts also help with aerodynamics, mountain bike "baggies" are great for keeping more stuff accessible in your pockets.  


There are as many kinds of bike gloves as there are hands ... or not quite! But bike glove choice can be very personal. Some people like a lot of padding, some like long-fingered gloves in every weather condition - and some people don't like gloves at all. But wearing gloves is always a good idea to keep your hands safe in case of crashing, or to keep a solid grip on your bars in sweaty or rainy conditions. We've got all kinds! 


Whatever the conditions, wearing eyewear while cycling can help protect your eyes from the seen and .... ahem, the unseen. Whether you're avoiding the glare of the sun or reflections from streetlights in puddles, whether you're out in the woods or cruising the bike path, wearing glasses can also protect you from debris floating in the air or kicked up by your tires that can get lodged in your eyes and make your ride home a pain. Plus, they're stylish! Also, we carry cycling-specific readers.


Socks are never just socks. They're the mark of your tribe, and your taste! Do you like tall socks or short? Traditionally roadies like tall socks, and triathletes prefer short ones. Do you wear colorful ones or only ever white or black? How about patterns, yea or nay? As for materials, some swear by wool socks all summer, and some never wear anything but cotton. Do you wear cycling socks when you're wearing your dress suit too? We do!