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SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Car Rack

SeaSucker Bomber 3-Bike Car Rack
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Finally, an upright-bike carrier that’s easy to install and won’t damage your car! SeaSucker's Bomber bike rack features their incredibly strong vacuum mounts allowing you to temporarily and securely mount your bikes to the roof or trunk without the hassle of permanently attaching any hardware. SeaSuckers are non-marking, UV- and weather-resistant, and hold exceptionally well to glass, metal or fiberglass surfaces. They're made of 3/4-inch high-density polyethylene, which is tough and strong enough to hold your bikes and flexible enough to follow the curve of your roof line.

The Bomber holds your bikes with 3 of their heavy-duty Delta Bike Hitch Pro fork mounts. They open wide enough when you release the lever that you don’t have to tighten or loosen the acorn nut on the opposite side every time you put your bike in or take your bike out of the mount. Plus, the Deltas lock, too. For the back of your bikes, and to keep the tails from sliding left or right, there are another 3 SeaSucker vacuum mounts with 6-inch, hook-and-loop Rear Wheel Straps.

The Bomber attaches to your car via 5 6-inch diameter SeaSucker vacuum mounts (210 pound-rated pull strength each). It's designed to mount to your roof and front windshield, but can be used just about anywhere – on the roof, on the trunk, etc. It holds bikes up to 45 pounds each.

  • Bomber 3-bike rack with standard 9mm fork mounts
  • Three Rear Wheel Straps
  • 5 gram Lube Tube for vacuum pump maintenance
  • Spare SeaSucker vacuum pad and pump



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These easy-to-mount racks stay where you put them

Part Numbers

BB3008 48591