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Mavic Mavic Allroad SL CL 12x100/142 M11 Wheelset

Mavic Mavic Allroad SL CL 12x100/142 M11 Wheelset
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Gravel, dirt, teeth-chattering pavé. Ride it all with confidence in control on this lightweight and responsive wheel featuring a new wider fully airtight UST Tubeless rim to accommodate wider tires.

The Allroad SL wheel is the pinnacle of efficiency, ride quality and speed on the roughest roads, the loosest gravel tracks and all paths that lead to them. Thanks to its 25mm wide UST hookless rims, this wheel offers a smooth ride with a wide range of matching tubeless tires, from 30mm to 64mm.

Patented Aero spokes improve the ride quality and speed of the Allroad SL wheel, creating a dynamic, high-performance experience that's almost magical. Fore drilling makes the rim completely airtight, eliminating the need for a rim tape and saving 30g per wheel—the weight of an extra bar in your back pocket. That weight savings per revolution, not to mention the ID360 freewheel's fluidity, maximizes efficiency in the long haul. While particularly lightweight, the freewheel is also easy to maintain over time thanks to the automatic bearing preload (QRM Auto). UST Road Tubeless technology allows for reduced tire pressure, offering premium comfort and better control on the most technical surfaces, as well as reduced friction for increased efficiency and grip, plus protection against flats.

In addition to its exceptional efficiency, the Allroad SL wheel stands out for its lightness, durability and ease of use and maintenance. Using ISM4D rim technology, our engineers saved weight where it matters most, while guaranteeing an almost biblical level of durability. What's more, the Black Shield Rim finish, a combination of anodizing and paint, reinforces against impacts and scratches caused by everything that committed cycling off the paved roadways can dish out.

The Allroad SL wheel will bring your daydreams to life with its ideal combination of lateral rigidity and vertical compliance, creating a sublimely dynamic ride quality. Fore technology keeps the upper bridge of the rim solid, providing increased rigidity during powerful accelerations, while oversized axles and bearings enhance lateral rigidity for improved stability in challenging terrain and harsh conditions.

The Allroad SL wheel's ID360 Freewheel technology is compatible with 12mm axles and can be converted to quick release for optimal versatility.

More than just a smooth, fast choice for rough roads, the Allroad SL is a gravel cyclist’s dream come true. Indulge yourself every day with the dynamic, high-performance ride of this exceptional wheel.

Weight Pair : 1655g
Weight Front : 773g
Weight Rear : 882g

Part Numbers

3701380909644 210000111148