Mavic Crosstrail Front Wheel

Mavic Crosstrail Front Wheel
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Loaded with high-end features from Mavic's vast wheel knowledge, the Crosstrail wheels are incredible for cross-country riding and all-mountain adventures. They boast Mavic's light, rugged Maxtal aluminum rims laced to Mavic's reliable, serviceable QRM hubs. To keep them light, they feature Mavic's ISM interspoke milling and Mavic's stainless-steel spokes with aluminum nipples. They're also UST-compatible, so you can mount up tubeless tires for unbeatable traction, less weight and pinch-flat resistance.

Mavic's ISM (Inter Spoke Milling) 3D rims have extraneous material machined away between the spokes, resulting in an extremely strong and lightweight rim. The final product climbs faster and accelerates more quickly because of it. Mavic's Maxtal rim uses 6000 aluminum, which is 30% stronger than 6106 aluminum. This allows Mavic to build lighter rims for quick acceleration. Mavic's UST Tubeless compatible wheels are ready for easy tubeless setup. Tubeless rims and tires do not use an inner tube, which makes the system weigh less. Additionally, the tire casing flexes more than tube-and-tire setups, conforming to the contours of the ground and offering greater traction and comfort.
Mavic's SUP rims boast welded and milled joints for superior strength and wheel balancing. Mavic's Fore spoke threading technology utilises a threaded rim to create a system that is more resistant to fatigue and more rigid for high stiffness.
Mavic's QRM+ hubs offer low rolling resistance for more speed. Their sealed bearings promise smooth, low-maintenance operation for years of worry-free riding. Mavic's ITS-4 (Instant Transfer System) uses 4 pawls for quick, strong engagement and efficient power transmission. This efficiency is maximized by the stiffness and incredibly low weight of a 17mm aluminum axle.


Size(s) 26-inch
Rim Material Mavic Maxtal aluminum
Rim Width 19mm internal
Hub(s) Mavic QRM
Spokes (Front/Rear) Stainless-steel, 2-cross
Holes (Front/Rear) 24
Nipples Aluminum
Axle(s) Aluminum
Skewer(s) Mavic
Weight (Front/Rear) 760 grams
Lacing (Front/Rear) 2-cross
Extras UST valve, quick-release, 9mm QR adapter, adjustment wrench

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