Garmin Vector 2S

Garmin Vector 2S
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With Garmin's Vector 2S you'll find yourself breaking through mental barriers and eking out those last few watts. The Vector 2S offers precise power measurement of your left leg and uses that information to approximate your total and average power. All of this comes in a rugged, ultra-convenient, discreet package that's integrated with a Look Keo Pedal. Garmin encased the sensitive strain gauge inside the stainless steel pedal spindle for years of durability and accuracy to within +/- 2%. The pedal bodies are built of tough, light carbon, while the battery/ANT+ pod hangs protected beneath the left crank arm. The robust Vector 2S pod is easy to mount, and has a status light indicating when it's on and pairing occurs. Switching the pedals and pod between bikes is blissfully hassle-free and takes less time than getting kitted up. Garmin also offers you the ability to upgrade to the dual-sensing Vector system which provides additional data about the power produced by each leg.


Total power (watts)

Average power at various time intervals

Overall Kilojoules

Intensity Factor (IF)

Normalized Power (NP)

Training Stress Score (TSS)

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 The standard pedal pods fit crank arms 12–15 mm thick and 44mm wide. The large pedal pods fit crank arms 15–18 mm thick and up to 44mm wide.

Left pedal - 211.8 grams

Right pedal - 201 grams


Garmin presents power with Vector

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