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ENVE MTB riser bar 740mm x 31.8mm clamp 23mm rise

ENVE MTB riser bar 740mm x 31.8mm clamp 23mm rise
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ENVE’s Riser Handlebar is designed to give you a comfortable position and precise steering control when out on the trail. It isn’t as burly as a full-on downhill handlebar--it can take the pressure--though its joy lies elsewhere.

That pleasure is found more in the cross-country realm. A place where lighter weight, a narrower position, and a certain measure of forgiveness contribute to make riding easier.

As usual, they fabricate this bar out of carbon-fiber. It comes 740mm, can be cut down to 660mm wide, and has the cut lines to make the operation easy and precise. The bar is designed to work with 31.8mm diameter stems and has a max clamping area of 58mm. The rise is 23mm, with nine degrees of sweep and a tip angle, or the upward angle of the bar is five degrees.

In terms of torque spec, it can handle 8Nm at both the stem clamp and from the various controls you’re planning on installing.