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Amphipod Micro Light Flashing Reflective Band

Amphipod Micro Light Flashing Reflective Band
This item is currently not available.


Ultra-bright flashing reflective LED band. Fits arm, ankle and can be strapped to backpack, etc. Four separated brilliant LEDs for maximum visibility integrated in chafe-free and adjustable soft-stretch band.

• Includes ultrabright flashing LEDs and full reflectivity from end-to-end
• 4 ultrabright LEDs for 360 degree visibility
• Easy on and off
• Drugstore battery for easy replacement
• Battery included / ready for use
• Fully-adjustable

Great accessory to enhance low-light visibility for running, walking, biking, and other fitness activities.

Strobe illumination, reflective and fluorescent for night and day visibility.

Can be attached to backpack for biking or other fitness activities.

Band fits arm, wrist or ankle up to 18" around.