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OneUp Components Front Axle 15x110
When top pro enduro riders ask for a stiffer, more durable fork axle, OneUp Components listened. The stock 15mm axles and other lightweight aftermarket options were simply not tough enough for race bikes. We don't quite ride at the pace of an enduro World Cup pro, but we loved the simplicity and clean look of the axle so we made them available to buy. OneUp's Front Axle Axle is 98% stronger and stiffer than a stock 15mm axle, yet still 20g lighter than a QR. We've replaced the QR lever with a simple 6mm hex. If you already carry the EDC multitool with you, there's no need for the heavy and bulky QR lever. FEATURES +98% Stiffer and stronger than stock 15mm QR thru axle +20g Lighter than stock QR thru axle +Low profile hex head won't get caught on trailside obstacles. COMPATIBILITY +For Fox and RockShox 15mm axle forks (Boost and Non Boost) +NOT compatible with RockShox RS-1 fork or Fox 36 Pinch Bolt Style (2016 and older) +NOT compatible with floating thru axles from 2021 Fox 36, 38 or 40 WEIGHT +RockShox Boost (15x110) 63g +Fox Boost (15x110) 61g MATERIAL 6061-T6 Aluminum
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