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Jerseys (Short Sleeve)

$86.99 $109.00 20% Off
Summer weight short sleeve jersey
Race performance jersey with ergonomic design for all kinds of competition. CARBON FIBER FABRIC CARBON FIBER FABRIC SUPPORTING PERFORMANCE WITH THE STRENGTH OF CARBON ANTISTATIC Conductive carbon fibers absorb and dissipate electrical charges created by the body. BACTERIOSTATIC Carbon blocks the proliferation of bacteria by acting on the cell wall of microorganisms. THERMOREGULATING Carbon is an excellent conductor of heat, thus keeping the body at an ideal temperature. 100% SAFE It is non-toxic and contains no chemical additives. PERMANENT These natural characteristics do not diminish over time and are resistant to washing. UPF 50+ UV PROTECTION The high density of the material used makes the entire jersey protective against UV rays. MADE IN ITALY The entire production process takes place in Italy and is managed by a skilled team of craftsmen.
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