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Specialized Turbo SL Battery Charger
Quickly charges your Specialized SL battery. - Custom Li-Ion battery charger for Specialized SL batteries. - 48V system - Compact and lightweight design. - Equipped with a custom plug and light indication of the charging status.
Specialized Turbo Turbo SL Y Charger Cable
The Turbo SL Y-Charger Cable lets you simultaneously charge your Specialized SL Battery and Range Extender. - Custom Y-split cable simultaneously delivers power to both the main internal battery, and the SL Range Extender Battery. - Length: 1000mm
Specialized Turbo SL Range Extender Cable 220MM Road
Connects the Specialized SL Range Extender Battery with the Turbo Creo SL, Comoe SL and Vado SL - Custom connector with lock-mechanism ensures a secure connection. - Length: 220mm
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