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You know those matchmaking services that find you your Romeo or Juliet? Well, we can't help with that, however, we are experts at finding a bicycle you'll fall for! Plus, we know just how many types and styles there are to choose from, and can imagine how little time you have!

To help, here's our easy-to-use Bike Finder tool. Simply answer as many or as few questions as you want, and hit the Submit Form button at the bottom when you're done. We'll review your answers, select some bikes we think you'll love and contact you to set up an appointment to show them to you and learn more about you. What could be easier!

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What kind of bike would you like to buy?
Why do you, or do you want to, ride a bike?
Where do you plan to ride?
Bike paths
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What sort of riding do you want to do?
Charity rides
Family rides
Long rides
When another rider passes you while you're riding, you:
What are some of your favorite local rides?
What kind of bike do you have now? How old is it?
What do you like/dislike about your current bike?
What is your height and inseam length?
For inseam measure from the crotch to the floor in inches.
Do you have any physical issues or injuries?
Runner's knee, stiff back, tight hamstrings, etc.
What are some of the important features of your new bike?
Check all the choices that apply.
High-tech frame and components
The paint job/finish
What a great value it is
How fast it is
Its rugged construction
That it's super light
Do you have any color preferences?
Not all bikes come in all colors, but if we know what you like...
Do you have any frame material preferences?
Aluminum, carbon, steel, or titanium.
Do you have any component preferences?
Campagnolo, Shimano, SRAM, disc brakes, etc.
Do you have any suspension preferences?
For a mountain bike: hardtail, full suspension, etc.
What else would you like us to know to help you find the perfect bike?
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