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Trek FX And District Bicycles Recall

Trek Bicycle Corporation has announced a voluntary recall on the following 2012 model-year FX-series and District Trek bicycles: the 7.2 FX, 7.3 FX, 7.4 FX, and 7.5 FX; District, and 9th District, including the WSD, Livestrong and Disc variations (please see photos below).

The recall issue pertains to the bolt that secures the seat clamp to the seatpost. It can break posing a fall hazard. Unfortunately, Trek has received four reports of incidents with one injury. Please view the photos at the bottom of this page to see examples of a good and bad bolt.

Consumers should stop riding the recalled bicycles immediately and contact us to arrange for a free repair.

These models were sold at Trek bicycle dealers from May through September of 2011 for between $550 and $1,100. The model name is printed on the bicycle frame. You can determine the model year by looking at the SKU number stamped on the bottom bracket, which is found on the frame beneath the crankset (the pedals are attached to the crankset). If the last two digits of the SKU are 12, it is a 2012 model-year bicycle and included in this recall.

For more information, contact Trek at 800-373-4594 between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. CT Monday through Friday or visit

2012 7.2 FX

2012 7.2 FX WSD

7.2 FX (click to enlarge)
7.2 FX WSD (click to enlarge)

2012 LiveStrong FX

2012 LiveStrong FX WSD

LiveStrong FX (click to enlarge)
LiveStrong FX WSD (click to enlarge)

2012 7.3 FX

2012 7.3 FX WSD

7.3 FX (click to enlarge)
7.3 FX WSD (click to enlarge)
2012 7.3 FX Disc

7.3 FX Disc (click to enlarge)
7.3 FX Disc WSD (click to enlarge)

2012 7.4 FX

2012 7.4 FX WSD
7.4 FX (click to enlarge)
7.4 FX WSD (click to enlarge)
2012 7.5 FX 2012 7.5 FX WSD
7.5 FX (click to enlarge)
7.5 FX WSD (click to enlarge)
2012 7.5 FX Disc 2012 LiveStrong District
7.5 FX Disc (click to enlarge)
LiveStrong District (click to enlarge)
2012 9th District

2012 District

9th District (click to enlarge)
District (click to enlarge)

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