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Gear Up for Warm Weather Rides

Stay cool and comfortable on your summer rides with the right apparel and accessories. Explore our large selection of apparel, you are sure to find just want you need for your next ride! Most of our apparel is available to ship anywhere in the Continental US. Orders over $149 ship free (Exclusions Apply)

Short-Sleeve Jerseys 

The classic short-sleeve jersey is a staple part of any cyclist's wardrobe. Choosing one that fits well and can improve your comfort and enjoyment on a ride. Summer jerseys use lightweight, sweat-wicking fabrics to keep you cool and dry, even on hot days. Many jerseys also feature pockets which are great for storing an extra water bottle, snacks, sunscreen or anything else you might need close by while riding!


The right shorts can make the difference between a ride to remember and one you'd just as soon forget. The key is to find clothing that fits your body and your style. Road cycling shorts fit snugly to help with aerodynamics, while mountain bike "baggies" are great for keeping more stuff accessible in your pockets as well as providing a more casual look.


Wearing gloves isn't just for wintertime! Lightweight gloves for summer riding featured padding and textured palms, helping you grip the bars better while providing cushioning. They're also hugely useful for protecting your palm from abrasions should you fall off your bike. Look for a close fit that is comfortable!


Some cyclists like to protect their skin with apparel rather than sunscreen. UV protecting sleeves can also keep you cooler on a bright day. Caps can protect your head from the sun's rays, some also keep the sun out of your eyes with a short brim. Lightweight moisture wicking cycling socks are great for keeping your feet cool on hot days.


Sunglasses not only protect your eyes form the sun but also protect you from debris. Plus, they're stylish! We also carry cycling-specific readers for those who might need a little extra help reading their cycling computer or smartphone.

Don't Forget to Stay Hydrated

Make sure you carry enough water to stay hydrated in these hotter temperatures. Two cages with a bottle each is ideal, for smaller frames and mountain bikes there are cages whhich you can take the bottle out from the side rather than the top. You also can carry a hydration pack for rides you won't be able to refill your bottles. Shop our selection below.