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Our Staff's Holiday Picks

Take it from us, these are the gifts cyclists actually want.

Cycling Hats

Cycling hats are those funny short-brimmed hats that are specific to cyclists, both in style and function. Cycling hats - with a shorter brim to keep sun and air out of your eyes but more resistant to gusts of wind - are the one piece of timeless cycling gear that never goes out of style. It’s the perfect gift for cyclists looking to add a bit of style and utility to their kit. Available in a variety of colors, some technical hats are also designed for wet or cold weather.

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SockGuy is known for making socks with lots of weird and fun designs. Every staff member has a favorite SockGuy design and many wear them daily. They’re a great gift for the cyclist in your life and an easy way to inject fun into any ride. "New sock day" is almost as much fun as "new bike day." 

Pumps and Lubricants

Whenever employees discuss their favorite bike products, they always pick a favorite bike pump and chain lubricant. Staff don’t always agree precisely on their favorite pump or lubricant, but they all believe that keeping your tires inflated and chain lubricated is the best way to keep your bike working smoothly between tune-ups. The most popular pump with our staff is the Specialized Airtool Pump because it’s durable and easy to use. Our favorite general purpose lubricant is the ProLink Chain Lube. 

Chain Checker

Here’s another maintenance accessory that no cyclist should be without. A chain checker will not only tell you when you need a new chain, it can save you money by making sure you replace your chain before you start to wear more expensive parts, like chainrings and cassette. A simple and inexpensive tool, it’s useful for both the new or seasoned cyclist in your life. 


Silca products have always been a staff favorite for not only the quality of products they produce but also for their attractive design. Each and every Silca product is crafted with the utmost quality. Whether the Viaggio Travel Pump or a T-Ratchet Kit, Silca makes the perfect items to spoil the discerning cyclist in your life.

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Garmin Vario Light & Radar

The Garmin Vario Light & Radar is one of the most underrated accessories for any Garmin user. It’s a rear-facing light that also shows an alert on a Garmin head unit about any rearward approaching cars or fellow cyclists. Like having eyes in the back of your helmet, this early warning system provides visible and audible alerts for vehicles approaching from behind up to 153 yards (140 meters) away. The bright tail light mounts neatly on the seatpost and is visible in daylight from up to a mile away, so you can ride with confidence and peace of mind. It's the perfect gift for the cyclist in your life who has a Garmin computer and rides frequently on narrow New England roads.

Supacaz Bar Tape

A relatively new bar tape on the market, we started carrying Supacaz about two years ago and it quickly became a staff favorite. This one tape reigns supreme in our regular basement selection of employee bikes. Available in plain old black or a variety of funky colors, this is the perfect tape for any bike and any rider.