Lauf - Premium Gravel Bikes from Iceland

After spending a few years studying gravel bikes and gravel riding,  the Lauf True Grit gravel bike is something that “just happened” organically. In the beginning, it was a question of “How Lauf forks could best complement gravel bikes?”. That question soon developed into “What are the optimal parameters for Lauf forks and gravel bikes to work together?”. Which then eventually became “What would be the ultimate gravel bike?”. In the end, Lauf simply couldn't resist making the gravel bike of their dreams.

Lauf wanted their dream bike to be fast, but at the same time stable and confidence inspiring (because you’ll dare riding faster on a bike that you are confident on). They wanted it to be light, but without compromising durability and ease of maintenance.  Of course, it should have a bottle opener!

Lauf wanted their bike to be a no-compromise long-distance race-oriented gravel bike. A bike that would also become a rider’s first pick for all his “usual” everyday riding; paved roads, gravel, singletracks and everything life throws at us as cyclists (unexpected potholes, snow, ice, etc.). Visit

Premium Gravel Bikes from Iceland

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