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Indoor Training

Keep your legs spinning during the winter!

Falling temperatures and snow make it tough to get out for a proper bike ride. Having the right cold weather gear goes a long way, but it's very easy just to hang up the bike for the winter.  Fortunately, there are a variety of options that will keep you in good shape for when the warm weather returns.

Trainers convert road, hybrid, mountain, and recumbent bikes to a high performance, indoor exerciser. Simply attach your bike and begin pedaling. Competitive riders will benefit from the precise interval training. Recreational riders will benefit from the expanded training time.

Better trainers like the Kurt Kinetic Road Machine offer smoother operation and more natural resistance; shift your gears and pedal faster, just like on the road. The best trainers, such as the Wahoo KICKR, offer power measurement and controlled resistance via apps for your smartphone, tablet, or computer. Ride the roads of France or San Francisco with VirtualTraining, or power through an interval workout with TrainerRoad; take it up a notch videos from The Sufferfest.

Rollers offer a low-resistance cardiovascular and technique workout, concentrating on heart rate, leg speed, and smooth pedaling style. The rear wheel sits between a pair of drums connected by a belt which drives the drum under the front wheel. With a little bit of practice, balancing is no harder than riding in a bike lane. For the beginner, rollers can be the best way to develop good pedaling fundamentals.  Power development may be left to the weight room, or you may purchase a resistance unit for your rollers.


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