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Cat Bartash of ACE Wheelworks says:

If you have ever gone into a bike shop and felt daunted by rows of high tech looking bicycles - some of them looking more like motorcycles while others appearing aerodynamic, fast and complicated - you may have thought to yourself "I just want a bike" and wondered where all the regular bikes were. Hybrids are great for people like you - casual cyclists who want a bike to ride to a public transportation station, the grocery store, the coffee shop, or out on the bike path for some fun and exercise on the weekends.

Combining features of both road and mountain bikes, hybrids are designed for flexibility, stability and comfort. They offer flexibility to ride on dirt roads, paths, smooth roads or bumpy city streets. Hybrid bikes have the same wheel diameter as a road bike, which makes them quick on the street, but also have bigger tires - giving them more stability than skinny road tires. The comfort of hybrid bikes stems from the upright position, wide gearing and features like suspension seatposts and adjustable stems. As with mountain bikes, the upright handlebars puts you in a comfortable, stable position to ride with more confidence. They're perfect for the casual cyclist and urban commuter.