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...and Wheelworks has them all


Well, do you want to find the ebike that is perfect for you or just the one that the other bike store happens to carry? At Wheelworks, you have options and free expert advice. At any given time, we have 30-plus electric bikes in stock, built, and ready for you to test ride. You could call our in-stock inventory “well-rounded” but that really wouldn’t do it justice. When you visit us, you can test ride different sizes, styles, and brands - all in the same place. Don’t know if you are medium or large? No problem. Do you want to try out the differences between Specialized, Raleigh, and Stromer? Come on in. Debating whether an electric cargo bike is the way to go? Let’s chat. Our staff lives and breathes the ebike life both personally and professionally, and we’re ready to share our knowledge with you.


Riding bikes gets you outside, moving your body, and headed somewhere. But there are also impediments like distance, wind, hills, or maybe your legs just aren’t up to it. Ebikes add power to your pedal stroke, and pedal assist increases your speed and range. Wheelworks Bicycle Stores carries ebikes in Class 1 (assistance while you pedal up to a top speed of 20mph) and Class 3 (pedal assist up to 28mph). 

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We proudly offer electric-assist bikes from the top brands in the industry, including Orbea, Specialized Turbo, Stromer, Yuba, GoCycle, Tern, Gazelle & Pinarello.

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Things To Consider


Is the battery integrated into the frame, or mounted on it? Some bikes have batteries placed high and to the rear, which make balance more unstable. Other bikes may have batteries mounted lower and central, inside the frame’s front triangle, which centers the weight better. The best solution for battery placement is when they are mounted inside the frame for best protection and balance - and more resemblance to a conventional bicycle.


Is the motor placed in the wheel (front or rear) or mid-drive? Wheel motors tend to be quieter and have a more normal shifting feel, but they are heavier and the additional weight on the wheel can translate into a bumpier feeling while riding. In mid-drive bikes, the crank pulls the chain across the cogs, which creates less smooth shifting and more drivetrain wear, but the motor is more centered on the bike and lower, which provides better handling feel.


We can offer you lots of info about how many watts or volts the motor has, but the most useful thing to know is: how powerful is the battery? Understanding watt hours is the best answer to that question. Watt hours (Wh) are a measure of electrical energy equivalent to power consumption of one watt for one hour. 400 Whs equals 400 watts delivered for one hour, for example. The more Whs, the more powerful the battery, and the longer it will deliver at the assistance level of its class.


We are the only bike shop in the New England area that has an inventory of 30-plus mid- to high-end model ebikes built up and ready for you to test ride at all times! Just like people, ebikes come in a variety of shapes and sizes, so we encourage you to try out multiple options to find what suits you best.

Frequently Asked Questions About Electric Bikes

How far can I go?

Specific mileage may vary, as there are so many variables including wind, terrain, rider weight, and speed. Most of our bikes fall between 40-60 miles of typical riding, plus or minus. Option exist for longer with a range extender or a second battery in some models. Other newer models can go as far as 100 miles on a single charge.

How fast can I go?

With Class 1 bikes, you must pedal in order to propel with assistance up to 20mph. With Class 3 bikes, same as Class 1 but up to 28mph.

What is the general weight or an electric bike?

Weights can vary a considerable amount depending on model and battery capacity. Most electric bikes are around 45 Ibs but they can vary in weight from 30 Ibs to more than 60 Ibs.

Does an ebike integrate with a smartphone?

Many models do but not all. Those that do pair with a smartphone offer a lot of detailed options that will let you adjust the motor and battery output based on how far or how long you want to ride.

Is it cheating?

There is nothing about a motor that keeps you from working as hard as you want, unless you want to work less. If you put the same effort riding a non-assist bike at 8-12mph into a pedal-assist bike - your speed will increase to 15-18mph. You’re getting the same workout, you’re just going faster. But if you want to put in less effort, you can go the same speed on a pedal-assist bike as you would have on a non-assist bike, but you can soft-pedal and sweat less.

What are some benefits?

With an ebike, you can get places more easily, without being as tired or getting as sweaty. You can get out of the car, the bus, and the train, avoiding single-use automobiles or public transportation. Studies have shown people who have ebikes at their disposal tend to ride them more, therefore getting more exercise. Plus, it’s fun!

What are some downsides?

Ebikes are still heavier than traditional bikes, some more than others. You might not want an ebike if you regularly have to carry it up many flights of stairs (though the lightest weight models might be tolerable). Maintenance can be more complicated, but Wheelworks has technicians on staff certified in all the technology on all the bikes that we sell. And batteries can be expensive to replace. But the pros can outweigh the cons.