Electric Bikes

Amplify Your Ride with Electric Bikes

Ride the latest in e-bike technology and become the leader of the pack. Great for commutes, casual rides, and even group rides. The newest pedal-assist systems allow you to go wherever life takes you with minimal effort.


Ditch the car and ride to work or school on an electric bike. Enjoy your commute as the pedal-assist technology amplifies your efforts.


Enhance your weekend ride. Electric bikes add to your pedaling efforts, allowing you to ride your favorite bike path with less effort.


Tackle your favorite trail with more gas left over at the end. Climb hills quicker than before. Enjoy longer rides. Speed through flats.

Experience Electric

With electric bikes, you ride the same way you always have, but with an added boost. Come by and test ride one today to see the difference an electric bike can make.

Safety First

With all the riding you’ll be doing, it’s important to have the right protection. We have the right helmets for however you choose to amplify your ride.

Shop Electric Bikes

Specialized Turbo Como 2.0 650b
$2,564.99 $2,849.99 10% Savings
The Turbo Como 2.0 650b has one goal—to inspire you to get out, get moving,...
Specialized Turbo Como 4.0 650b
Whether you're heading out with the family for a weekend cruise, grabbing a...
Specialized Turbo Vado 4.0
It's a busy world out there, and the sad thing is, it's getting faster all ...
Raleigh Electric Venture iE Step Thru
$2,249.99 - $2,399.00 $2,499.99 Up To 10% Savings
Recharge and reconnect with simple pleasures on the Venture iE. Built on a ...
Specialized Turbo Turbo Como 4.0 650b - Low-Entry
Whether you're heading out with the family for a weekend cruise, grabbing a...
Yuba Electric Supermarché Front Loader
Eight and a half feet of cargo hauling happiness From kegs to kids, this...
Specialized Turbo Men's Vado 3.0
$3,104.99 $3,449.99 10% Savings
If you can characterize your life as on-the-go, busy, or not having enough ...
Gocycle GS
The GS comes in a wide range of cool colors and Gocycle has designed a com...