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Cat Bartash of ACE Wheelworks says:

Just like their names imply, Cruisers and Comfort bikes are made for laid back adventures! Coast to the beach, ramble to the cafe, or take a leisurely ride to the market with panache and a smile on your face. Reminiscent of the classic single speed and three-speed bicycles from the the past, modern cruisers combine retro style with cutting-edge design to re-create the feeling of simpler days with present-day advancements - lighter weight frames, more sizes, improved braking and generous gearing options. Cruiser and Comfort bikes have wide plush tires to absorb the shocks of the road or trails, wide sweeping and upright handlebars and a low center of gravity for the most stability you can have on a bicycle. Designed to resemble their ancestors, cruiser frames are available in both traditional men's and ladies step-through versions. Add a basket and pack a picnic lunch and the only thing missing is you!