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Bike Designs for Kids, Only Kids

Cleary Bikes makes bikes that are meant to be lightweight, easy to pedal, fun to ride, and durable. And designed to fit a child! Plus, we ship Cleary Bikes right to your home! 

Empowerment Through Pedaling

Cleary was founded by parents who love to ride with the next generation. And they learn so fast! Toddlers absorb new skills just by riding with their parents. Grade schoolers develop self-confidence and physical fitness alongside balance and and a sense of direction as they adventure around the neighborhood. By the time kids reach adult-sized bikes, they’re skilled and independent explorers.  

Design Matters

Cleary designs bikes to make kids comfortable. Every tube and angle is analyzed to make sure each bike has a balanced, responsive ride for a kid. The best riding position has weight evenly balanced over the bike, with bent arms and legs, which gets younger riders more comfortable on the bike, especially when climbing and descending, which builds riding confidence. 

Simplicity is the Goal

Cleary Bikes are streamlined, with no extra parts, internally routed cables, and no metal tabs sticking out to poke little legs or catch on shorts. Some of our geared bikes are built with an internally geared hub, which is encased in the rear rear and can take being dropped on the ground all day and still shift all the way home. Components like handlebar grips are always lightweight, durable, and made for littler hands. 

What Will You Choose

We've got Cleary Bikes from balance bikes for toddlers to 24" options. And we can ship Cleary Bikes direct to your home! 

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Cleary Bikes Suggested Size Chart

Use this chart to determine the best bike for your child.

Below are the bikes, according to inseam length, that will allow kids to sit on the saddle with two feet flat on the ground. 

The key measurement to determine which bike will fit your child best is their inseam and overall height. Kids are different sizes at different ages, so we base our measurements on size rather than age.