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"New Era of Speed in Gravel"

Cervelo may not have made the first gravel bike, but they call the Aspero the fastest gravel bike. In 2019, Áspero took the world by storm, heralding a “new era of speed in gravel.” It was gravel, Cervelo-style. Since then, gravel bikes have grown, fragmented, and started to look a lot like the road and mountain bikes that spawned them, with suspension forks, bolt-ons for...everything, and ever-increasing tire widths.

The new Áspero remains true to those early, simpler days of gravel, but with some improvements—a threaded BB shell, neater cable routing, and a UDH-compatible derailleur hanger for those who want to use SRAM’s Transmission drivetrains. And it’s faster, of course. Cervelo shaved off three watts worth of drag in the redesign process. They also dropped the seat stays to give a bit more compliance out back, and reduced front-end stiffness slightly to make the last hours of a long race less painful. Between those dropped seat stays, there is a bit more clearance for mud, too. Aspero will clear a 45mm tire by ISO standards.

T47 Bottom Bracket

Áspero uses the asymmetrical T47a threaded bottom bracket was pioneered on R5-CX. It’s a simple, rider-serviceable interface that allows Cervelo to deliver the benefits of BBRight in a more user-friendly form.

Easily Adjustable

Áspero shares the same bearing dimensions as R5, Soloist, R5-CX, and Caledonia, which means you can use any combination of bearing caps and stems. Want a super-racy, fully-internal look? Grab the ST31 and HB13 from R5.

Universal Hanger

SRAM made everyone want to step on their derailleurs when they introduced the Transmission mountain bike drivetrains in 2023. It seems unnecessary, no matter who made your derailleur, but Áspero uses the Universal Derailleur Hanger (UDH) standard in case you want to try.