Swim. Bike. Run. It’s what you do and who you are. It’s how you’re built. You get up early and go to the pool, are definitely not a ‘fair weather runner,’ and are on the trainer all winter so that this year will be the best one yet. You come in all shapes and all sizes. You are your competition. You are CEO’s, Blue Collar workers, Moms and Dads and college kids. You are a Triathlete. And whether you are thinking of doing your first Sprint or are headed to Kona, Belmont Wheelworks is your source for all things Triathlon. Looking for a new PR? Look no further than Belmont Wheelworks.

Welcome to the Wheelworks Tri Center, New England's source for triathletes. Wheelworks history of supporting triathlons dates back to 1982 working with legendary promoter Dave McGillivray in the Bay State Triathlon, Spot pond, Medford MA. Wheelworks has since maintained a long relationship with The New Enlgand Tour, as well many other local events. Wheelworks has been the title sponsor of Wheelworks Multisport for over a decade.

The purpose of this page is to share resources for triathletes.

We are pleased to provide product recommendations for TT & Road bicycles, clothing, gear and accessories, as well as training tips and events.

Wheelset Rentals: (click on Wheelsets tab) Speed on demand for an extra edge on race day! Daily, weekend, and weekly rates! Rent to own!

Fitting Services: Having your bike fit your body is at least as important as which bike you ride. In a sport where seconds change the outcome of your finish, having the most efficient position is vital. Retül is one of the most technologically advanced fitting system, utilizing 3D motion capture system to read a rider's movements while he or she is pedaling on the bike, and records all three planes of movement (3D). This type of data reflects how a rider actually rides a bike and cannot accurately be captured with 2D video, static fitting, or eyeball fitting. Retül's dynamic fit tools allow a bike fitter to make fast and easy adjustments to a rider's position using objective and highly accurate fit data to guide the changes. Lean more about Retül.