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Results of Yesterday's Bike Fitting:

WOW!!! What a difference!

It felt like:
    •    I instantly gained 1 full month's worth of training rides.
    •    I have bigger rings in my rear cassette
    •    I have a brand new bike that is much more comfortable, easier to ride, and faster.
Last night was supposed to be the "easy" training ride before the PMC.  I did try to dial it down, however it turned out to be my fastest Tuesday evening training ride of the year.  I even set "Personal Records" on two of the key climbs during last night's ride.

Thanks for the great fitting!

Now I feel I am more that ready for this weekend's Pan Mass Challenge!

Marty Middelmann


Hi Len,

Thanks again for the awesome fitting today. I know you spent a lot of time on me making sure everything was finely tuned. I appreciate your perfectionism! 

Just wanted to let you know that the seat made my bike experience. The ride home was incredible- no more shifting back and forth and spending extra energy holding my body in a particular form to compensate. 
Really glad you helped me figure out the kind of seat I needed. It makes all the difference!

Best, Kasia


Hi Sean,
Not often enough do we hear positive feedback from a job well done. I would like to thank you for your time, patience and help last weekend while trying to decide which bike I wanted. The 4 hour ride to Belmont was worth it.
I have ridden 4 times this week and love the bike more each time I ride it!! You did a great job with the fitting and the only pain I have had has been self induced lung and quad burning on the hills!!
Thank you again for a job well done.
Warn regards, Linda


Hi Michael,

A note to let you know that my first ride on the Specialized Roubaix was
superb.  The bike itself is wonderful…tight, responsive to power inputs,
very stable at speed, and a pleasure over rough surfaces.

The thorough and thoughtful fitting really completed the package.  We did
our regular 42 mile loop through Dover on roads and hills I have done a few
dozed times.  What I found with the Roubaix is that I could stay in the
saddle and power up many hills and grades that I normally got out of the
saddle for.  My position made it preferable to stay in the saddle to
generate power.  Also, no upper back cramps at the 3 hour mark on the bike.

I also felt much less pounded by the road at the end of our 3h 30 min ride
of close to 60 miles.  Credit goes to the bike and the fitting.

 Finally, I also retold the image of the pedal stroke (flat foot down through
the mud; scrape the mud off the bottom of the foot at the bottom recovery).
Even a cycling buddy who raced for a number of years loved the image.

In closing, many thanks.  Please let Len know everything has turned out

Next time I visit Wheel Works it will be for either a 'cross bike purchase
and/or a proper fitting of my older road bike.

Regards, Gary


Hey Sean,

Just wanted to say thanks for the excellent bike fitting that you did for me last week.  Thanks in no small part to your expert fitting, I was able to complete the 192 mile Sturbridge to P’town PMC route yesterday with no hamstring or hip problems at all.  The bike rode great & I felt far better riding it than I did in my training rides all summer.  I appreciate your help as I was getting a pretty ominous feeling about the hamstring & hip issues that close to the ride.  I’m sure the Dana Farber Cancer Institute appreciates your excellent work too as it allowed me to finish the ride in good shape!

Thanks again & I’ve recommended a coworker to mine to look you up.

Thanks, Joe