Feels like flying

Faster than walking

Free parking

Legs of steel

Puts a big smile on your face


Go by bike!

Commuter/Urban Bikes

Ride to work, school, or around town in utilitarian style and comfort!

Specialized Alibi Sport EQ Step-Through - 2018

When it comes time to ride, the last thing you want to do is fix this or… [more]

Specialized Alibi Sport EQ - 2018

Are you ready to ride? No need to pump the tires or do any grimy… [more]

Specialized Women's Diverge E5 Elite - 2018

Made for exploring new roads, commuting to class, and everything in… [more]

Surly Big Dummy - 2015

Simply put, Surly's Big Dummy is designed for carrying cargo in style, and… [more]

Xtracycle EdgeRunner Electric 24D Family

The best value in electric family cargo bikes around. Top quality… [more]

Specialized Vita Sport Step-Through - 2017

If you've been dreaming about riding a bike designed just for you, take a… [more]

Folding Bikes

Folding bikes provide the solution for those who need to hop on a commuter train, bus, or subway for part of their commute. Always allowed on public transportation, folding bikes are easy to travel with. They will easily fit in the trunk of a car or tucked beside you on the bus.

Montague Urban - 2017

The Urban delivers road performance on a budget. A 21-speed drivetrain… [more]

Tern Link D8 - 2016

Tern's Link D8 is your everyday travel companion, seamlessly integrating… [more]

Gocycle GS

The GS comes in a wide range of cool colors and Gocycle has designed a… [more]

Montague Paratrooper - 2017

The Paratrooper Pro is a folding mountain bike that builds on Montague’s… [more]

Dahon Ciao i7 - 2017

Dahon's Ciao i7 makes hopping on and off your bike a breeze. Safe and… [more]

Montague Crosstown - 2017

The Crosstown is a one of a kind folding bike perfect for practical… [more]

Electric Bikes

Electric bikes provide a fun way to commute by bike, especially for those with longer and/or challenging routes.

Raleigh Electric Detour iE Step-Through - 2016/2018

Commute in comfort and style with Raleigh's Detour iE Step-Through. This… [more]

IZIP E3 Path Plus - Low Step - 2017

Hop on IZIP's E3 Path+ and ride to work, cruise downtown, or run to the… [more]

Stromer ST2 Sport - 2016

Ushering in a new era for the chic and smart urban lifestyle, the ST2… [more]

Stromer ST2

Stromer is making and writing history when it comes to digital… [more]

Raleigh Electric Sprite iE Step Thru - 2018

The Raleigh Sprite iE Step Thru is a practical electric bike built to make… [more]

Gocycle GS

The GS comes in a wide range of cool colors and Gocycle has designed a… [more]


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